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The Mamas of Mama Bird Box

We are Beth and Becca, sisters and mothers of 2, living in Austin, Texas. Our days consist of working from our home office while playing with play-doh and kissing boo-boos in between.

Mama Bird Box Founders

Through each of our pregnancies, we were given great advice and perspective from our older sister and each other, and we saw the irreplaceable value of sisterhood. We had someone to complain to, glean information from, feel encouraged by, and share in the experience with. Many expectant moms have sisters of their own or at least a strong community of “sisters” who listen, share, and encourage.

We created Mama Bird Box to be another sister in the sisterhood. There is a profound privilege that we feel in pampering mamas who are growing babies because we know it’s hard work. We know there are bad days. We know there are oh, so many good days. And we know what it feels like to be thought of and cared for during pregnancy.

Enjoy the thoughtful, caring boxes from Mama Bird Box.